Special Lessons

Intensive course

At Croydon High School AquaSkills will be running a 5-day intensive course from 29th July – 2nd August 2019.

The Beginner and Intermediate (widths) sessions will be in our usual format, 1-2-1's and 2-2-1's from 9:00am-10:30am.

These sessions will be half an hour and will run for the full 5 days (unfortunately there is not the option to choose individual days).

Fees are as follows:

Group class 5 x £8.80 = £44.00
1-2-1 class 5 x £27.50 = £137.50
2-2-1 class 5 x £40.00 = £200.00 (for two swimmers).

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British Sub-Aqua Club Snorkelling class

In addition to this we are going to offer something for our more accomplished swimmers. If you have a child that normally swims in an Intermediate 2 class (widths, at the deep end) or above (any lengths class).

We put this class on last year and it was a hit. An ideal class for anyone who is planning to swim in the sea this Summer. Please click here for more details on the course:  www.swimming.org

The sessions above will be 1 hour long starting at 10:30am and last 5 days Tuesday to Friday. Each course willcost £65, there will be an award once the course has been completed successfully (at no extra cost). Spaces are limited for this course.

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Special Lessons

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